Custom, handcrafted Amish bedroom furniture for sale in Hurricane, WV and surrounding areas

Bedroom Comfort with Solid Wood Quality

Relaxing Bedrooms that Last from Village Heirlooms

Village Heirlooms sells relaxing bedrooms that last. Our solid wood furnishings give you the size and style you want in quality furniture, with the durability that can grow right along with your family. Heirlooms are quality pieces that can be handed down to the next generation, and this is what we offer at Vintage Heirlooms in Hurricane, WV. Shop at our store in Hurricane to put together your most relaxing bedroom ever!

Warmth and Style without Compromise

Bedrooms do not have to be stuffy or complicated! They can be filled with stuff that gives you the warmth and style you deserve without compromise. Solid wood furniture from Village Heirlooms offers ways to lounge in comfort and sleep with security, at any age. Choose furniture sets or individual pieces that give your bedroom just what you need to really make you or your sleepover guests feel right at home.

Quality Solid Wood Bedrooms

Enjoy a good night’s sleep with Village Heirlooms solid wood bedroom furnishings.

Stay Organized Easily with Village Heirlooms

Did you know the right furniture can easily keep you and your family more organized? Having the right amount of drawer space or shelf space in your bedroom can keep clothing and other personal items neat and tidy. Put everything in its place with tables, chests, and dressers that hold it all with solid wood durability. Having everything put away adds to the serenity felt in the room, reducing anxiety and increasing the relaxation level. Enjoy less stress and a deep, good night’s sleep with Village Heirlooms solid wood bedroom furnishings.

Bedrooms can be special spaces that encourage healthy sleep and relaxing organization.